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  • Only 6.7% of global board chairs are women, with even fewer women holding the CEO role, at just 5%

  • 85% of seats on board of directors are currently held by men in Switzerland

  • 131 years to close the global gender gap

  • 150+ years to close the global economic gender gap

  • Worldwide, women only make 77 cents for every dollar earned by men?

  • Women globally earn 17% less than men on average

  • Women in Switzerland earn 18% less then men

Our Vision

A World in which Women break through the Glass Ceiling

We envision a Life Sciences Industry rich in diverse talent, ideas, and perspectives. At Women on Stage, we catalyze this transformation, empowering women to shape the future. Our goal is gender-balanced leadership, fueling creativity, economic growth, and organizational success.

We increase number of women in the labor market and leadership roles

We close the gender pay gap and to promote sustainable economical growth of women

Women on Stage is a Swiss based organization that focuses on the following four key areas:

1. Advancing Women

Increasing the representation of women in board and corporate leadership

2. Connecting Work & Talents

Insightful methodologies for organisations to attract, recruit and retain talents and leaders

3. Lead for Diversity, Inclusion & Equity

Taking Diversity, Equity & Inclusion to the next level

4. Building a bridge between Academia & Industry

Programs to assist academics who aspire careers in the Life Science Industry