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Sponsoring Women

A career acceleration program for Women

Are you a working woman, a student or a mother returning to work and want to advance in your career but lack the necessary support in your environment or company?

This program will guid you through personalized coaching and strategic pairing with influential leaders—dedicated Career Sponsors with substantial impact on organizational decision-making. Our female and male Career Sponsors will actively champion your career progression, will open you the doors to opportunities within the hidden job market and increase your visibility on the market through strategic networking introductions to other leaders and decision makers.

Empower your career journey with personalized support and unlock new paths for professional growth.

  • Identification of top 5 key strengths
  • Professional update of the CV & Linkedin profile
  • Identification of the communication language
  • Assessment of the conflict management stlyle, & resilience level
  • Design of a career strategy with short, mid and long term goals
  • Identification of roles, projects & companies
  • Cover letter
  • Job application
  • Interview preparation for online & F2F interviews
  • Salary negotiation
  • Match with the Career Sponsors
  • Connection with the leaders
  • Invites to events

Leading with the heart

In the corporate sphere, we, as women, gracefully balance our roles as business leaders while embracing the diverse tapestry of our personal lives as mothers, wives, daughters, and friends. What ever we do we do it with our heart and with our passion.
In this comprehensive training program, you will embark on a journey of self-discovery, unlock your leadership skills, hidden strengths and untapped resources. You will learn to navigate relationships with finesse while fostering a positive environment that propels collective success.
Elevate your leadership power and master the art of shaping positive connections for collective achievement.

Our values, strengths and emotions affect all aspects of our lives.

What are our unique strengths and values and how were they created? How do we feel when we can use our strengths in everyday work? How do we communicate and behave when our values are respected? But how do our emotions change when our values are ignored, and our strengths find no room in our daily business life.

Goal: In this module you will gain self-knowledge about your own strengths, core values and related emotions. You understand how your strengths and core values were developed (family, culture, education), and learn how to manage your emotions in order to shape your communication behavior (verbal and non-verbal) more positively.

Effect: Your leadership style becomes visible.

Successful leaders have a clear vision that inspires and serves as a direction. The key questions are: What is my vision, my contribution in life and what can I do to make it happen? What do people get from the fact that I exist? What are my special qualities and abilities to contribute to the bigger picture?

Goal: In this module you identify your own vision, including the levels of the body, mind, heart and soul.

Effect: Your vision that carries you from the inside out becomes visible. This creates a powerful mission and an inspiring and motivating leadership personality.

Leaders with high emotional intelligence can recognize early what others feel and need. They have the ability to deal with the feelings and needs of others in a positive way. Emotional engagement begins with the inspiration to be able to share a vision. Real loyalty is only possible through real relationship building. These sustainable connections have a firm place in the heart and people seek your contact because they want to work with you.

Goal: In this module you will get to know your emotional intelligence. You will learn the ability to calm yourself and others and to weaken feelings of fear, irritability and disappointment and to reinforce positive feelings. This helps you and others to overcome setbacks or stressful situations.

Effect: knowledge of human nature and deeper insight into the dynamics of relationships and their effectiveness. To distance ourselves emotionally from the situations helps us to better control the situations and to form bonds more positively.

Stage Preparation

Cultivating proficient public speaking skills is integral for individuals in professional settings. A tailored training plan designed specifically for women in business acknowledges unique challenges while presenting distinctive opportunities. Our comprehensive 8-week training program goes beyond the technical facets of public speaking, placing a strong emphasis on building resilience, adeptly managing anxiety, and leveraging positive body language to enhance effective communication. Participants will gain valuable insights and practical skills essential for impactful and confident public speaking in corporate environments.

Session 1: Self-assessment:
  • Identify strengths and anxieties in public speaking
  • Understand the impact of body language on communication
  • Set specific goals for improvement
Session 2: Voice , Body & Vocabulary:
  • Work on voice modulation and projection
  • Practice exercises to improve clarity and resonance
  • Expand your vocabulary for effective expression
  • Learn to use words that resonate with your audience
  • Practice confident and open gestures
Session 3: Structuring the Speech
  • Discussing the different speaking opportunities
  • Drafting and structuring the speech
  • Learn to use charts, graphs, and other visual tools to enhance your message
  • Integrate personal anecdotes into speeches to foster authenticity, connection and to make your points memorable
  • Learn how to use humor effectively and appropriately
Session 4: Practicing
  • Develop the skill of storytelling for impactful speeches
  • Simplify complex topics, concepts for a broader audience
  • Use clear and concise language without sacrificing accuracy
  • Use body language to enhance the emotional impact of stories
  • Learn to engage your audience through interactive elements
  • Practice using tone, humor to alleviate tension, both for yourself and your audience
Session 5: Breathing, Visualization & Affirmations

Breathing Exercises:

  • Practice deep breathing techniques to calm down
  • Develop a pre-speech routine to manage anxiety and stress


  • Use visualization techniques to imagine successful speeches
  • Confront and address specific fears through visualization
  • Visualize successful presentations to build confidence
  • Practice strong, open body language during visualization sessions

Positive Affirmations:

  • Develop a set of positive affirmations to boost confidence
  • Incorporate these affirmations into daily routines and pre-speech rituals
Session 6: Mock Presentations:
  • Simulate real speaking scenarios in front of a mirror
  • Actively seek out opportunities to speak in public, gradually increasing the complexity of settings
  • Utilize body language to convey authenticity and confidence
  • Encourage feedback on both content and delivery, including body language
  • Set specific goals for improving r and managing anxiety based on feedback

Story telling

In the diverse landscape of personal and professional interactions, storytelling is a universal language that captivates, inspires, and connects individuals. This comprehensive program is crafted to guide you through the art and science of storytelling, from cultivating compelling narratives to mastering the nuances of effective delivery. Whether you are a seasoned professional looking to refine your communication abilities or someone seeking to discover the art of storytelling, this program will equip you with the skills to weave narratives that resonate with authenticity and impact.

Embark on this exciting journey designed to unlock the power of narratives and elevate your story telling skills.

  • Discuss the impact of storytelling on human connection and communication
  • Break down the key elements of a story (characters, plot, setting, conflict, resolution)
  • Analyze examples of effective storytelling in literature, film, and other media
  • Conduct exercises to help participants brainstorm and identify potential story ideas
  • Encourage participants to explore personal experiences that can be transformed into stories
  • Discuss different narrative structures and when to use them
  • Exploring different tones and pacing for various types of stories and to convey emotions
  • Conducting exercises to use the body language, gestures and expressions effectively
  • Integrating metaphors into stories for clarity and impact
  • Incorporating appropriate humor to enhance narratives
  • Considering cultural sensitivities and preferences in storytelling

Mastering the Elevator Pitch

Crafting and Delivering Impactful Messages

In today’s fast-paced business landscape, the ability to succinctly and compellingly articulate your value proposition is a critical skill. The Elevator Pitch Training program is designed to empower professionals with the expertise to craft and deliver concise, influential messages that leave a lasting impression in any professional setting.

Program Format: The Elevator Pitch Training program is conducted through a dynamic blend of interactive workshops, role-playing exercises, and constructive feedback sessions. Participants will have the opportunity to refine their pitches in a supportive and collaborative environment, ensuring immediate application of learned skills.

Outcome: Upon completion of this training, participants will emerge with a polished and impactful elevator pitch, equipped to confidently and persuasively convey their value proposition in various professional scenarios.

Invest in your professional success. Join the Elevator Pitch Training and elevate your ability to communicate with influence and effectiveness.

  • Understanding the key components of a successful elevator pitch
  • Learn how to articulate your unique value proposition with clarity and precision
  • Develop a pitch that aligns with your personal and professional brand
  • Identify and analyze your target audience to tailor your pitch effectively
  • Learn techniques for adapting your message to various stakeholders, including clients, colleagues, and executives
  • Explore effective verbal and non-verbal communication techniques
  • Practice voice modulation, pacing, and body language to enhance your pitch delivery
  • Receive personalized feedback and coaching for continuous improvement
  • Develop strategies for responding to common questions and objections
  • Learn how to navigate challenging situations with poise and confidence
  • Apply the skills acquired through interactive exercises and real-life scenarios
  • Receive constructive feedback to refine your pitch

Workplace Bullying Prevention and Self-Protection Training

Workplace bullying has damaging consequences not only for the employee but also for the whole organization as psychological complaints resulting from bullying reduce professional performance and the quality of daily work. Furthermore, it increases the absenteeism and staff turnover.

Objective: Providing strategies to recognize and prevent workplace bullying while empowering individuals with effective methods to protect themselves. Participants will gain insights into fostering a culture of respect, navigating professional relationships, and safeguarding their well-being in the workplace.

Duration: This comprehensive training program spans 10 hours, incorporating informative presentations, interactive exercises, and discussions tailored for the business context

Delivery Format:

  • Tailored Presentations with Business Context Emphasis
  • Interactive Exercises and Discussions Relevant to Professional Settings
  • Defining Workplace Bullying in a Business Context: Recognizing how bullying manifests in professional settings
  • Reasons of Workplace Bullying: Understanding the reasons of bullying in Business Context
  • The Business Impact: Understanding the consequences of workplace bullying on individuals and organizational performance
  • Legal and Ethical Considerations for Professionals: Navigating the legal framework and ethical responsibilities unique to the business environment.
  • Recognizing Subtle Bullying Behaviors in a Professional Setting: Differentiating between constructive criticism and harmful behaviors
  • Warning Signs: Identifying early indicators of bullying.
  • Case Studies Relevant to Business Professionals: Analyzing real-world scenarios and responses
  • Creating a Culture of Professional Respect: Fostering a positive and inclusive workplace culture within a business context.
  • Effective Communication Strategies: Enhancing clear and respectful communication within professional relationships.
  • Setting Professional Boundaries: Techniques for maintaining professionalism and assertiveness.
  • Reporting Procedures in a Corporate Environment: Understanding how to report incidents of bullying within a business structure.
  • Building a Personal Support System: Identifying internal and external resources for support in a professional context.
  • Conflict Resolution for Professionals: Techniques for addressing conflicts professionally and assertively.
  • Leadership’s Role in Promoting Professional Integrity: Encouraging leadership to set the tone for a respectful business environment
  • Team Collaboration in a Business Setting: Building a supportive team environment
  • Empowering Individuals: Strategies for personal empowerment and resilience in the face of workplace challenges