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Sponsoring Academicians

A bridge between Academicians and the Industry

This program uniquely guides young academicians through personalized coaching and strategic pairing with influential leaders—dedicated Career Sponsors with substantial impact on organizational decision-making. Our female and male Career Sponsors actively champion the career progression of young talents, opening doors to opportunities within the hidden job market and enhancing visibility through strategic networking introductions. Empower your career journey with personalized support and unlock new avenues for professional growth. 

Benefits for the University

  • Collaboration with the Industry & Leaders
  • Getting young academics ready for the Industry
  • Increasing the reputation of the University

Benefits for the Students

  • Being matched with a powerful leader
  • Growth & development opportunity
  • Being prepared for the industry by Women on Stage and powerful leaders
  • Being prepared for public speaking
  • Increased visibility within the job market
  • Learning from the skills & experiences of a powerful leader

Stage Preparation

Developing effective public speaking skills is crucial for anyone, and a specialized training plan can address unique challenges and opportunities. Our comprehensive training plan not only focuses on the technical aspects of public speaking but also places a strong emphasis on building resilience, managing anxiety, and leveraging positive body language for effective communication.

Session 1: Self-assessment:
  • Identify strengths and anxieties in public speaking
  • Understand the impact of body language on communication
  • Set specific goals for improvement
Session 2: Voice , Body & Vocabulary:
  • Work on voice modulation and projection
  • Practice exercises to improve clarity and resonance
  • Expand your vocabulary for effective expression
  • Learn to use words that resonate with your audience
  • Practice confident and open gestures
Session 3: Structuring the Speech
  • Discussing the different speaking opportunities
  • Drafting and structuring the speech
  • Learn to use charts, graphs, and other visual tools to enhance your message
  • Integrate personal anecdotes into speeches to foster authenticity, connection and to make your points memorable
  • Learn how to use humor effectively and appropriately
Session 4: Practicing
  • Develop the skill of storytelling for impactful speeches
  • Simplify complex topics, concepts for a broader audience
  • Use clear and concise language without sacrificing accuracy
  • Use body language to enhance the emotional impact of stories
  • Learn to engage your audience through interactive elements
  • Practice using tone, humor to alleviate tension, both for yourself and your audience
Session 5: Breathing, Visualization & Affirmations

Breathing Exercises:

  • Practice deep breathing techniques to calm down
  • Develop a pre-speech routine to manage anxiety and stress


  • Use visualization techniques to imagine successful speeches
  • Confront and address specific fears through visualization
  • Visualize successful presentations to build confidence
  • Practice strong, open body language during visualization sessions

Positive Affirmations:

  • Develop a set of positive affirmations to boost confidence
  • Incorporate these affirmations into daily routines and pre-speech rituals
Session 6: Mock Presentations:
  • Simulate real speaking scenarios in front of a mirror
  • Actively seek out opportunities to speak in public, gradually increasing the complexity of settings
  • Utilize body language to convey authenticity and confidence
  • Encourage feedback on both content and delivery, including body language
  • Set specific goals for improving r and managing anxiety based on feedback

Story telling

In the diverse landscape of personal and professional interactions, storytelling is a universal language that captivates, inspires, and connects individuals. This comprehensive program is crafted to guide you through the art and science of storytelling, from cultivating compelling narratives to mastering the nuances of effective delivery. Whether you are a seasoned professional looking to refine your communication abilities or someone seeking to discover the art of storytelling, this program will equip you with the skills to weave narratives that resonate with authenticity and impact.

Embark on this exciting journey designed to unlock the power of narratives and elevate your story telling skills.

  • Discuss the impact of storytelling on human connection and communication
  • Break down the key elements of a story (characters, plot, setting, conflict, resolution)
  • Analyze examples of effective storytelling in literature, film, and other media
  • Conduct exercises to help participants brainstorm and identify potential story ideas
  • Encourage participants to explore personal experiences that can be transformed into stories
  • Discuss different narrative structures and when to use them
  • Exploring different tones and pacing for various types of stories and to convey emotions
  • Conducting exercises to use the body language, gestures and expressions effectively
  • Integrating metaphors into stories for clarity and impact
  • Incorporating appropriate humor to enhance narratives
  • Considering cultural sensitivities and preferences in storytelling

Career Development Strategy Design

This program is designed to equip you with a comprehensive and personalized career development strategy with short-term, mid-term and long-term goals. During 6 weeks you will design a strategic roadmap, gain a profound understanding of your professional route, and acquire the tools necessary to achieve your desired career aspiration. 

Duration: This immersive program spans eight weeks, offering a blend of workshops, one-on-one coaching sessions, and practical exercises. 

Outcome: Upon completion of the Career Development Strategy program, you will: 

  •  possess a tailored and actionable career development strategy 
  •  have the confidence and skills needed to navigate your professional journey strategical 
  • continuously develop your expertise and build a network that propels you towards sustained success 

Identifying core streghts and personal values 

  • Clarifying short-term, mid-term and long-term career objectives 
  • Developing a roadmap for achieving career milestones 
  • Identifying and prioritizing needs (skills, trainings & network) for each milestone 
  • Building a Professional online and offline Network
  • Attending networking events

Professional CV development

In this program you will gain valuable insights, learn industry best practices, and receive personalized guidance to elevate your CV and ensure it stands out in a competitive business environment.  

This program spans over 4hs, with a combination of interactive workshops.

Outcome: Upon completion of the program,youwill possess a refined and impactful CV that effectively communicates your professional narrative, skills, and achievements. Furthermore, you will have the knowledge and tools to navigate the competitive business landscape with confidence, positioning yourself as a standout talent in your respective field. 

  • Identification of the top 5 key strengths
  • Creation of a powerful profile section
  • Identification of the top 5 success stories
  • Writing a powerful CV for the business world

Personal branding through Linkedin

The LinkedIn Optimization training session is designed to empower young talents with the knowledge and skills needed to optimize their LinkedIn profiles, leverage the platform for strategic networking, and enhance their online presence for professional success. 

Duration: This engaging training session spans 2 hours, providing a mix of presentations, interactive exercises, and Q&A sessions. 

Delivery Format: 

  • Live / F2F Presentation with Visual Slides 
  • Interactive Exercises and Workshops 

Outcome: You will leave the LinkedIn Mastery training session equipped with the knowledge and tools to optimize your LinkedIn profile, strategically expand your professional network, and position yourself as thought leaders in your industry. The training will empower you to leverage LinkedIn as a powerful tool for career growth and business success. 

  • Understanding the platform’s key features and benefits 
  • Building a compelling headline, summary, and experience section 
  • Highlighting accomplishments, skills, and endorsements 
  • Integrating visuals and media for an impactful profile 
  • Crafting personalized and impactful connection requests 
  • Strategies for engaging with connections and expanding your network 
  • Strategies for sharing relevant and valuable content
  • Engaging with your network through comments, likes, and shares 
  • Understanding profile views, post reach, and engagement metrics
  • Establishing measurable objectives for LinkedIn success
  • How to write and publish an article and newsletter

Strengths Mastery Program for Academicians

Objective: The Strengths Mastery Program is designed to empower young talents by helping them identify, understand, and leverage their unique strengths for enhanced personal and professional success. Participants will undergo a comprehensive strengths assessment, gain insights into their innate talents, and learn practical strategies to apply these strengths in the business context. 

Duration: 2 hours

Delivery Format: 

  • Interactive Workshops with Strengths Experts 
  • One-on-One Coaching Sessions for Personalized Insights 
  • Development of Personalized Strengths-Based Professional Development Plans 

Outcome: Upon completion of the Strengths Mastery Program, participants will have a deep understanding of their unique strengths, how to leverage them effectively in professional settings, and a personalized plan for continued growth and success. This program empowers business professionals to thrive by embracing and maximizing their innate talents. 

  • Understanding Strengths-Based Leadership & exploring the benefits of leveraging strengths in professional settings 
  • Comprehensive strengths assessment
  • Translating strengths into business skills
  • Strategies for leveraging strengths in teams and projects
  • Integration of the strengths into the C

Workplace Bullying Prevention and Self-Protection Training

Workplace bullying has damaging consequences not only for the employee but also for the whole organization as psychological complaints resulting from bullying reduce professional performance and the quality of daily work. Furthermore, it increases the absenteeism and staff turnover.

Objective: Providing strategies to recognize and prevent workplace bullying while empowering individuals with effective methods to protect themselves. Participants will gain insights into fostering a culture of respect, navigating professional relationships, and safeguarding their well-being in the workplace.

Duration: This comprehensive training program spans 10 hours, incorporating informative presentations, interactive exercises, and discussions tailored for the business context

Delivery Format:

  • Tailored Presentations with Business Context Emphasis
  • Interactive Exercises and Discussions Relevant to Professional Settings
  • Defining Workplace Bullying in a Business Context: Recognizing how bullying manifests in professional settings
  • Reasons of Workplace Bullying: Understanding the reasons of bullying in Business Context
  • The Business Impact: Understanding the consequences of workplace bullying on individuals and organizational performance
  • Legal and Ethical Considerations for Professionals: Navigating the legal framework and ethical responsibilities unique to the business environment.
  • Recognizing Subtle Bullying Behaviors in a Professional Setting: Differentiating between constructive criticism and harmful behaviors
  • Warning Signs: Identifying early indicators of bullying.
  • Case Studies Relevant to Business Professionals: Analyzing real-world scenarios and responses
  • Creating a Culture of Professional Respect: Fostering a positive and inclusive workplace culture within a business context.
  • Effective Communication Strategies: Enhancing clear and respectful communication within professional relationships.
  • Setting Professional Boundaries: Techniques for maintaining professionalism and assertiveness.
  • Reporting Procedures in a Corporate Environment: Understanding how to report incidents of bullying within a business structure.
  • Building a Personal Support System: Identifying internal and external resources for support in a professional context.
  • Conflict Resolution for Professionals: Techniques for addressing conflicts professionally and assertively.
  • Leadership’s Role in Promoting Professional Integrity: Encouraging leadership to set the tone for a respectful business environment
  • Team Collaboration in a Business Setting: Building a supportive team environment
  • Empowering Individuals: Strategies for personal empowerment and resilience in the face of workplace challenges