Founder Women on Stage

Eylem, a name synonymous with action, movement, and demonstration, reflects the very essence of the dynamic woman behind it. Gifted this powerful name by her father, Eylem has grown into a formidable force in both the corporate and private spheres.

Embarking on her journey at the age of 12, Eylem faced the challenge of immigrating to Switzerland, starting her life from scratch. Undeterred by the hurdles she encountered, Eylem embraced the spirit of resilience and determination that would shape her path.

Beginning her career in the banking world, Eylem swiftly transitioned into the Pharma Industry, leaving an indelible mark at renowned companies such as Actelion, Celgene, Vifor Pharma, Novartis, and Bayer. Over a span of 22 years, she not only led international teams but also collaborated with professionals from 40 different nationalities. Eylem’s commitment to excellence extended beyond corporate boundaries as she coached, and trained over 1000 individuals.

Notably, Eylem faced discrimination, bullying, and rejections throughout her career, yet each setback fueled her determination to succeed. Undaunted by challenges, she navigated the corporate landscape with unwavering focus and resilience.

A lifelong learner, Eylem pursued her education at esteemed institutions, including the University of London, Open University USA, and Harvard Business School—and earned a master’s degree in psychology from Liverpool University, specializing in mental health and behavioral science.

«Throughout my career, resilience was my constant companion.»

– Eylem

Balancing a demanding career with the responsibilities of motherhood, Eylem pursued her studies and career goals simultaneously. At the age of 38, she successfully managed a full-time job while raising two children, a testament to her exceptional time management and multitasking skills.

In a pivotal moment of courage and vision, Eylem took a bold step in April 2020, at the onset of the global pandemic. Despite the uncertainty, she resigned from her secure job to realize a lifelong dream: the establishment of Women on Stage. This venture embodies Eylem’s dedication to empowering women, breaking the glass ceiling, fostering gender equality and gender diversity in the professional realm.

Today, Eylem stands as a symbol of strength, tenacity, and achievement. Eylem’s journey is a testament to the transformative power of determination, life long learning, and resilience. Through her experiences, she inspires and motivates others to overcome obstacles, pursue their dreams, and redefine what is possible in both the corporate and private worlds.

Originally from Turkey, Eylem lives in the area of Basel, Switzerland, with her husband and two kids.